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ABOUT US - UI School Supply or Utah Idaho Supply/Map World has been in business since 1891. We started by serving both states, Utah and Idaho as a book depository, office supply, and educational dealer. 

HISTORY - Utah Idaho Supply began in 1891 as Macmillan Paper Company. In 1921 the name was changed to Utah Idaho School Supply Company (UISSCO). The company did a lot of school business in both Utah and Idaho, thus the name Utah-Idaho.

Because of the school business, Utah Idaho took the opportunity to sell textbooks and became the state of Utah's textbook depository. This means that we warehoused textbooks for book publishers in the state and shipped them to various schools and districts. Because many of the same products are used in business and schools alike, we entered the office supply market.

In the early 1970′s our retail office and teacher aid business began to grow. During this time a lot of emphasis was put on the retail stores and on commercial office sales with a force of outside salesmen calling on business and schools to sell our products and services.

In 1980′s we went through some organization changed, store location changes, and put added emphasis on our school catalog business. The name was also changed to Utah Idaho Supply with a strong logo and image change.

In 1990′s Utah Idaho Supply acquired Map World, a retail map store. We have now expanded our retail and catalog inventory to include all kids of map related products and this has proven to be a very important and positive move. We have also placed a growing emphasis on our sales to schools and teachers.

In 2013 we made changed our ecommerce site from www.UISupplyCatalog.com to www.UISchoolSupply.com

MAPS - We carry a wide selection of state and city maps as well as world maps for travelers and missionaries. We also feature USGS Topo Maps of the United States, which are printed on durable water-proof paper and ink. These specialized maps can be customized to your needs.

MISSION STATEMENT - Our goal is to provide parents and teachers the resources to teach and inspire young minds so they may discover the world around them.

COMPANY VALUES - Customer Service, Professionalism, Cleanliness, Teamwork, Expertise and Opportunity.

PERSONAL VALUES - Integrity, Passion (Enthusiasm), Respect, Positive, Accountability and Excellence.



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